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Essentially modulea consists of two elements: the cross-shaped laying tool and the floor tile especially foamed onto the flooring.

Here you can download the laying instructions as a pdf:
  Cross-shaped laying tool
The cross-shaped laying tool has special bevelled knobs which have the function of adjusting the floor tile properly.

Floor tile
The floor tile is foamed onto the back of the surface material and forms the counterpart of the cross-shaped laying tool. An indentation in the area of the floor tile guarantees that it rests on the whole surface.

The cross-shaped laying tool is put onto the corner of the tile thus connecting the tiles. After laying the first tile, the others are simply pressed into place from above. Laying the tiles with staggered joints is also possible.


  Design and Functionality
- large range of materials
- different formats
- every surface shape is possible due to
  individual cutting
- appearance almost without joints
  (0.3 to max. 1.5 mm)
- easy combination of different
  materials at the same
  construction height
- cable run is possible under the floor
  thanks to the elevated cross-shaped   laying tool
- high load capacity

Handling properties
- light weight
- short laying and removing times
- quick and dry laying
- no tools required
- floors can be walked on immediately
- flexible exchange of individual tiles
- tiles can be reused