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The cross-shaped laying tools can either be laid directly on the substrate or be put onto infinitely variable, height-adjustable levelling tools. Several types are available so that the desired height can always be achieved precisely.

Thus the levelling elements provide for the required maximum flexibility for the adequate use of the floor system. Unevenness of the floor can be levelled out without any difficulty and cables can be easily laid.



Levelling disk NS 10/4
10 mm of ground clearance and 4 mm additionally for infinitely variable height adjustment enable cables to run under the floor tiles with a minimum construction height.

Levelling disk NS 20/8
For very thick cables, levelling disk NS 20/8 provides a ground clearance of 20 mm and 8 mm additionally for infinitely variable height adjustment.

Bridging disk ZS
The individual levelling disks are easily connected by means of the bridging disk ZS. If required, an even higher ground clearance can be achieved this way.

  Levelling foot NF
By means of the levelling foot NF floors are always perfectly laid, even on very uneven substrate. The height is easily adjusted from above by means of a screw in the foot. This principle also enables quick readjustment.